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CXRacing LS1 Engine Mount Kit for Mazda RX-8 Engine Mount Integrated with Steering Rack Extension Kit For Mazda RX-8 with LS1/LSx Motor and T56 Transmission Swap

There Are Few Known Issues For LS1 / RX-8 Swap:
1. Sway Bar Hits Engine
2. Steering Rack Hits Engine
3. Factory Sub-Frame Is Too Weak
4. Factory Torsion Bar Is Too Weak

We Have Developed a Completed Solution/Kit for LS1/RX8 Swap, Addressed All Issues Stated Above. Our Kit Is Designed and Engineered to Support LS1 Swap On RX8, Easy Install, Bolt On Fitment, No Cut, No Relocation, With the Following Features: 

1. Engine Mount Kit Integrated with Steering Rack Extension. Fits/Supports Both LS1 Engine and RX-8 Steering Rack (Note: RX-8 Uses Electronic Power Steering Rack, Which Is Difficult to Make It Works. Many People Use RX-7 Rack).
2. Sway Bar Extension Kit Extends Sway Bar by 5.5", Clears Lots Of Room.
3. Torsion Bar Bracer Adds Extra Support for Factory Torsion Bar.
4. Sub-Frame Bracer Adds Extra Support for Factory Sub-Frame.

Note: Above Stated Items/Kits Are Sub-Components Of Our Completed Swap Kit. We List Them to Explain the Technical Requirements for the LS1/RX8 Swap ONLY. We Offer Them In Many Different Combinations to Meet Your Needs. NOT All Parts Are Included In This Item.

ONLY Parts Listed On "Product Being Sold" and "Items Included" Are the Actual Items Being Sold By This Item.

Also If You ONLY Buy Some of Our Sub-Kits and Use The Rest From Other Vendors, Compatibility Might Be An Issue and Fitment Is NOT Guaranteed

Part (s) Being Sold Has One or More Registered Patent(s)

-Chassis: Mazda RX8
-Motor: LS1/LSx
-Transmission: T56 Manual 

Product Being Sold:
-Engine Mounts (Integrated with Steering Rack Extension Mount) ONLY
Note: Transmission Mount, Sway Bar Extension Kit, Torsion Bar Bracer, and Sub-Frame Enforced Bracer Are NOT Included
This is CXRacing's Newest Products for the Application Stated Above. All Parts Are Developed from Ground Up in Our R&D Center in USA, Designed and Built for Improved Performance Gains, with Excellent Fitment and Easy Installation. 

Product Info and Spec:
-Heavy Duty 7 Gauge (0.18") Thick Stainless Steel Panel, with Brace Offers Strong Support
-Adjustable Slotted Bolt Holes
-Polyurethane Bushing Mounts
-Patented Design of Motor Mount, Excellent Strength

-Off Road or Track Use ONLY, NOT for Street Use
-Due to the Complexity of Swapping a Motor to Different Chassis, Please Make Sure that You Understand the Application Stated Here are the Right Parts for Your Project
-Parts Being Sold are the Kit Being Advertised ONLY. Other Parts Shown on Pictures are for Demo Only (of Our Complete Swap Kit). Check Our Other Website Items.

CXRacing LS1 Engine Mount Kit

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