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Most GT35 turbos are T3 exhaust housing. this is a T4 housing, supports higher Exhaust Air flow but still maintains 0.68 AR for super fast spool.

Oil and Water Cooled

.70 A/R Compressor

3” Vband outlet

Standard T4 Flange (Not T3)

Professional Installer Is Highly Recommend

High Quality Built product. Each Turbo is Individually Tested and Computer Balanced.

BRAND NEW, not Used, not Remanufactured.

Item(s) Specification:
- 4" Air Inlet
- 2.5" Compressed Air Outlet
- Standard T4 Turbine Housing Flange
- 3" Vband Exhaust Outlet
- Journal Bearing
- 300~500 WHP
- Oil and Water Cooled
- 6-25 PSI Working Pressure
- .70 A/R Compressor
- .68 A/R Turbine
- 61.3 /82 mm Compressor Wheel
- 62 /67.8 mm Turbine Wheel

Works for Many Bigger HP Applications, for 4 to 6 CLYN Engines. Such as Civic, Prelude, S13 S14 240SX, Eclipse, Mustang. It can produce 300 to 500 HP, depends on your application and setup.

Item(s) Included: 1x GT35 Turbocharger

Optional Manual Turbo Boost Controller

Optional T4 Flange for Turbo Manifold with Standard T4 Flange

Optional 3" V-Band Clamp + Flange

CXRacing T4 GT35 Turbo Charger (TRB-GT35-T4-68)

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