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Ultra Fiber Discs provides high heat resistance essential for street performance and mild racing applications.
The discs have a copper weave that will increase the heat resistance characteristics and burst strength eliminating the need to reinforce the friction material with steel plates
Clutch covers are designed to achieve clamp loads that are 40% than the OE part allowing a higher torque transmitting capacity
Pressure plates are manufactured using ductile material allowing for high burst strength in all temperature ranges
The unique Ductile material ensures durability and long life.

Stage 1 Organic Clutch Kit; Ductile Casting; Organic Facing; 236mm/23T/26.2 Spline; Heavy Duty; Torq. Cap. At Wheels 310 lbs./ft.; Torq. At Flywheel 387 lbs./ft.;
2360 lbs. Clamp Load.

Weighs 17.8 pounds

Exedy HD Clutch 10803AHD

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