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about us

TREX Performance began as two RX-8 enthusiasts with a desire to modify their RX-8s, but unfortunately the market to modify was overpriced.  First thing they wanted to do was offer ignition coil upgrades at a much affordable price. They found high quality solid copper core d585 coils and were able to make the ignition kits much more affordable thatn purchasing them. Later, it was decided T-ReX would help others who could not afford these overpriced ignition systems from the competitive market, and thus Texas Rotary Experts was established.


Texas Rotary Experts was founded in February 2015 around the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area.  T-ReX started manufacturing coil kits, eventually, a need for other aftermarket parts as well. TREX moved on to supply more parts to other makes and models and saw the need to modify their name.  Since they were already known as TREX for short, they decided TREX Performance was a good fit.


In 2018, Justin moved to NJ and sought out to open another shop.  He found an abandoned three bay service center and decided to make that the newest location.  The TREX shop in NJ does more than just RX-8's, it services all makes and models from oil changes, to lifts, wheels and tires.  Today, TREX still works on new parts for the RX-8.  The T-ReXperts are strategically partnering with companies worldwide to bring high quality products at affordable prices, while offering an outstanding warranty. 


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