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The e-Level Controller offers the ability to save three unique heights into memory at the touch of a button using TruPosition height sensors installed in each corner of your suspension.  The key to this technology is the RideMonitor Mode, while parked or driving, the system will maintain vehicle height when loading or unloading passengers or when road conditions change.  All of this automatic intelligence is unnotied by the driver, providing improved ride quality and handling characteristics for any vehicle with Air Suspension.  The adjustments made by an e-Level Controller are so accurate that each wheel maintains its height within 1/8th of an inch and prevents "cross-loading" of AirSprings at a higher accuracy than any other method. Each system calibrates to the vehicle upon installation and then learns how your Air Suspension behaves over time. This flexibility allows the e-Level Controller to be used on ANY vehicle and requires NO user tuning.  When mounting space and cost are paramount, the Rocker Switch Interface is a simple, yet effective solution.  The Rocker Switch gives access to your three saved heights by simply pressing UP or DOWN to raise or lower between saved heights (current height indicated by LEDs).  A small program button (usually hidden under the dash) allows you to toggle through functions like manual control over each Air Spring individually, manual control over front and rear Air Springs in "pairs", and re-saving heights.  Hold the down button for 4 seconds to trigger the "All-Down" function which fully deflates the vehicle for parking.


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