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The cooling system is often neglected until catastrophic failure. KOYORAD (KOYO) all-aluminum radiators are an excellent choice for high performance vehicles. These radiators offer increased cooling capacity; keeping your 2001-2005 Dodge Neon / SRT-4 from overheating under hard driving and race conditions. Regardless if your Neon/SRT-4 is high-revving all-motor, turbocharged, supercharged, or nitrous-equipped, KOYORAD (KOYO) radiators are the worry-free cooling solution. Each radiator is fabricated from aerospace-grade aluminum with no epoxy joints. All tanks and brackets are TIG-welded for longevity and durability. KOYORAD is an innovator in high performance automotive cooling solutions. Regardless if your 2001-2005 Dodge Neon / SRT-4 is an upgraded every day driver or a full-blown track car, KOYORAD radiators provide the critical cooling needed to keep your sport compact running and out of the garage.

Additional Information
Koyorad (Koyo) All-Aluminum racing radiators are made for manual transmission applications only. Automatic transmission models will require an external transmission cooler.
Due to the oversized construction of Koyorad (Koyo) All-Aluminum Racing Radiators, certain applications may fit tighter when used in different modification settings. Koyorad Racing Radiators are designed to meet OEM-Specific settings.
Koyorad (Koyo) Racing Aluminum Radiators are all-core radiators.
The performance gain of Koyorad (Koyo) Racing Aluminum Radiators is 20%-30% more efficient cooling over stock radiators.
Professional installation is highly recommended.


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