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Send us your engine for rebuild.

Available in 4-port or 6-port.

Goopy Apex Seals 
Mazda Apex Long and Short Springs
Mazda Side Seals
Mazda side Seal Springs
Mazda Corner Seals
Mazda Corner Seal Springs
Atkins Rotary Viton Oil Control Rings
Mazda Coolant Jacket Seals
Mazda Oil Galley Oring
Mazda Front Bolt Oring
Atkins Rotary Oil Pickup Oring
Atkins Rotary Thermal Pellet
Mazda Rotor Bearings
Mazda Stat Gear(Main Gear) Bearings

All parts get thoroughly cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners.
24mo/24,000 mile warranty

Please allow 3 weeks for build as these are all custom made to order, due to variables such as porting and colors.
Any parts that are damaged will require replacement and will be extra. Please contact us for more info.
Colors available for housings and plates are black, red, gold, yellow, orange, purple, pink, light blue, and blue.  Please put in notes or contact us to tell us the color.


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