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Introducing the only hose kit that includes all coolant hoses. Also its the only hose kit that includes all hoses under the hood. Kit comes with over 20 hoses total, for the S1 and S2 and also allows a modification to alleviate the need for a catch can and reroutes the oil filler neck to the lower intake nipples like the S2 does. Kit also includes a longer hose to prevent overflow on the fan and power steering connectors. Colors in stock include red, blue, white, purple, and black, any other color is handmade to order and expected shipment time is 6-8 weeks from order date.  Don't forget the hose clamps. Stock hose clamps won't fit these thick bad boys. The hose clamps we provide are designed for silicone hoses and won't cut into the silicone. They are molded stainless steel instead of that "holey" style hose clamp. Each size is specifically picked to the T-ReX hose kit sizes.  Comes with a lifetime warranty for original purchaser only.  Hose clamps now included. 3 PLY/4.5mm THICKTemperature Range:- 40°F to + 428°FMAX Pressure: 72.5psi

Check out this video for step-by-step install instructions.  Don’t forget the restrictor in the heater core hoses.

TREX Performance complete under hood hose kit over 20pcs

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